Are generic laptop batteries safe (Some information of generic laptop batteries)
are generic laptop batteries safe

Are generic laptop batteries safe (Some information of generic laptop batteries)

Do you want to buy a generic battery? But do you know what a generic battery is and are generic laptop batteries safe?

Many people say that the generic battery should not be taken, it quickly deteriorates, and the generic battery is not safe.

But is it true, are all the people telling the truth?

Today we will talk about that are generic laptop batteries safe and many other things.

But my suggestion is that unless you have knowledge of something, do not buy it, first get information about it and then take some action later.

If you do not have knowledge about generic laptop batteries, then read this article first and then think about taking it.

This will not harm you and you will be able to get a very good quality are generic laptop battery.

So let’s start our today’s topic, are generic laptop batteries safe, and should you buy them. First of all, it is important to know what the generic laptop battery is.

What is the generic laptop battery?

There is not much confusion talk about it; it is the battery of the laptop itself. But if you want to know more information read it.

In easy language, generic laptop battery is a normal battery, in most of the cases it does not belong to companies of big companies like Apple etc. It is mostly battery of small companies.

But in the market, generic laptop batteries of companies like Sony, HP etc. are available. But I told you that generic batteries are from small companies. So what are these batteries?

So I told you that it happens in most of the cases, it does not happen in everyone. It is not that big companies do not make generic batteries, they make it.

But behind the laptop’s generic battery is a secret. Most of the big companies do not make batteries themselves, they make them from other companies and get their brand name written in it.

For example, Apple has just stated that Apple makes its batteries from Sony. Meaning Sony makes but the branding in it is from Apple.

People who say that their battery is from Apple are actually from Sony Company and it has been made by Sony. I hope you will have understood.

Are generic laptop batteries safe?

Yes, it is safe, because there is not a big difference between normal battery and generic battery of laptop.

But the truth is that generic batteries are far cheaper than most real batteries, and more often they are safer and work as expected.

are generic laptop batteries safe
are generic laptop batteries safe

A generic battery is a type of normal battery; it does not have much difference, do not get confused.

The only difference between the names of the brands is that it belongs to the company of Apple; it belongs to some other company. So there is no confusion in this.

And there is not much difference between the generics batteries and the batteries of big laptop companies.

As I told you that Apple makes its batteries from Sony, similarly big companies make batteries from other companies.

Battery-making companies can be small or big, so there is not much difference in it all works the same.

I think you have known that are generic laptop batteries safe and not safe for you. It’s your decision to buy it.

How to check laptop battery is original or not

1. Visual check the battery

Does the battery have exact symbols? Are there any typographical errors or unclear text? Does it have a “stable” feel (cells should not be open), if you have a proper battery of equal capacity to evaluate, is it the same weight? Does it “snick” cleanly in the PC?

2. Does the box have any manufacturer logos?

Typically a proper battery will is a box / bag or packaging available that contains business enterprise trademark / component numbers or even matching serial quantities, this is not always the case, however if you have these items then this is a Wonderful sign that your battery is genuine.

3. Are the instructions branded?

Fake due to special markets are less likely to come with the correct manufacturer instructions, when you have a completely generic sheet with trademarks, tactile information or customer support records, it is doubtful if there are typos then the alarm bells start ringing.

4. Does the capacity on the battery match the type of battery?

Maximum manufacturers best produce two or 3 forms of battery for a particular computer, here are two measures, the number and capacity of cells, make sure the manufacturer creates the unique configuration that is on offer. Be aware, capacities can be mAh and WHr in an indexed manner (divide through voltage to get month).

5. Is there a genuine serial number?

Manufacturers will (almost usually) stick to the label with the serial volume of the battery, which should raise a question if there is nothing specific about your battery.

6. Test the capacity

Most operating systems supply a software battery meter, it can also provide precision capability, as well as many manufacturers can provide specific batteries.

Have a look at the gear (often given as a calibration tool), It is in all probability a high quality way to find authentic batteries.

Note, to get the first-rate from your battery, calibrate it, it is usually fully charged and fully discharging (before re-charging), but one is on the manufacturer’s orders for specific details. Have a look.

One of the best laptop battery (Amazon best sellers)

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are generic laptop batteries safe


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This battery is one of the best battery for my laptop. One day my laptop dropped out from my hands and its battery was not working.

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Almost every customer gives there positive reviews you can check from Amazon.


So today we talked about are generic laptop batteries safe, So the answer is yes, It is safe and good battery.

It is a form of a normal battery, There is no different between a normal laptop battery and a generic laptop battery.

If you want to buy a generic battery so you can buy a generic battery it is a good battery. And before buying laptop battery you want to know some things, read this article you will that things.

People also ask

Are generic laptop batteries OK?

The truth is that generic batteries are far cheaper than most real batteries, and more often they are safer and work as expected.

Are third party laptop batteries safe?

Bottom Line: While there is no guarantee that any replacement battery will not harm your laptop (including the one made by the manufacturer of your laptop), if you choose a battery that is very good luck with many other users If there are possibilities, then you are in your favor

How do I know if my laptop battery is genuine?

You can check by looking at the serial number on the battery from the website of the laptop. This will tell you if this same type of battery has been shipped with your device. You can also get an OEM battery from a laptop manufacturing company.

How do I know if my laptop is original?

Right-click on your desktop and click “Screen Resolution”. Set the “Multiple displays” option to “Duplicate these displays”. Compare both screens so that you can check if the laptop display shows missing details or pixels that might otherwise be present on the monitor.

Are green cell batteries good

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Are ninjabatt batteries good

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