How to clean laptop fan without compressed air
How to clean laptop fan without compressed air

How to clean laptop fan without compressed air


Any laptop or computer, if it remains active for a long time, then it starts heating up.

For which cooling fans are installed so that it can be cooled. After a while, the processor will not warm up as it cools.

Manufacturers often install a series of hot sinks and a cooling fan to draw heat from the processor.

Laptops or computers slow down after heating, their performance slows down and files take longer to open.

For this, cooling fans are installed so that it can be cooled. So today we are going to talk about how to clean laptop fan without compressed air.

But it is also necessary to clean the cooling fan from time to time; otherwise, cooling fans do not work well.

We all know that not everyone has compressed air to clean the laptop fan. Not everyone has the money to compressed air.

Hopefully, you enjoy this article, so without losing time, let’s start today’s topic How to clean laptop fan without compressed air.

Pros and cons of compressed air

Pros and cons of compressed air

Compressed gas is dirt-loose from the inside, which is best for cleaning dust and dirt on the keyboard.

The ones packing containers are typically cheap and to be had at most stores that promote computers and in some instances, even at pharmacies or dollar stores.

Again, a can of compressed air is not environmentally friendly.

Each can is a product of steel and plastic that can be joined together and cannot be recycled easily.

Also, compressed air is not available when you need it.

It is no longer sensible to allow a PC to heat up because of a dirty fan due to the fact that you do not have access to the air can.

If you are careful, you can clean the computer with compressed air.

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How to clean laptop fan without compressed air

Unplug the Laptop

Separate your laptop from the source of light or any power and invert it into an anti-static mat.

Remove the bottom panel

Do away with the bottom panel of your pc.

Exceptional producers assemble specific sorts of pc enclosures, however, most appoint screws that may be eliminated with a small Philips-head screwdriver.

If the screws are especially small, a pair of tweezers, electronics forceps, or needle-nostril pliers is useful to dispose of the screws from the casing.

Positioned the screws in small cups or dishes and, if they are one-of-a-kind lengths or sizes, make be aware of each screw’s location.

The cooling fan ought to be it seems that visible as soon as the inner of the pc is uncovered.

Place the fan somewhere

Preserve the fan in the vicinity with your finger, so that it does not rotate.

Do not eliminate the fan in any way, as disposal of the elements without better knowledge of the hardware may want to damage the processor or its heat dispenser.

Clean the fan with a cloth

Smooth the face of the fan with a cloth, lightly rub the dust, and dust away from the center.

Because the clothes get dirty, clean them or use a part of the cloth to continue cleaning.

The accumulation of dirt inside the fan can defeat the purpose of cleaning it.

Clean the Vents

Clean the inside part of the laptop with a cloth and clean it wherever it has washed away.

Slowly Blow into the Fan

Slide the fan gently into the fan to blow it into the dirt. Repeat this system until the fan is easy. When finished, update the lowest cowl of the pc.

Things You Will Need

  • Static-Free Mat
  • Lint-Free Cloth


How to clean laptop fan without compressed air

Never get rid of computer hardware except you have knowledge of the operating elements of the computer.

Additionally, do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust in any way.

The machine must cause static discharge that can damage sensitive hardware, although the laptop is not connected to a power supply.

So in these steps, we learned ‘How to clean laptop fan without compressed air ‘, I hope now no doubt in your mind.

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People also ask

How to clean laptop fan without opening?

How to clean laptop fan without opening?

You pay for an extended guarantee with the on-site provider, which allows a technician to deal with your on-time hassles.

And get a new computer in four years when your carrier settles. In any other case, you cannot do it regularly.

Computer warm-up sink assemblies can be dead-stop traps for lint, dust, and cat hair that may be impermeable to canned air blasts from the outer case.

At the same time when I cross my arms and try every time, I have never solved an overheating problem without getting rid of the heat sink and cleaning the internal condition of my wings.

Obtaining plugged wings usually calls for near-complete disuse.

Removing the bottom cowl, hard pressure, wifi board, display, center cover, keyboard, pulm relaxation, optical drive, clear card slot, sub-woofer, mainboard, warm sink, and fan in the sense of my current day laptop.

Use the Construction Unit Service Manual.

Complement that with YouTube motion pictures and Internet websites.

Keep in mind that your computer may not match some photos due to optional changes or rotation modifications.

Change the antique thermal paste while you are there.


So today we talked about how to clean laptop fan without compressed air. If you don’t have compressed air you can follow these steps and clean your laptop’s fan.

Basically, in this article, I can try to give all of the answers asked by the people and I hope you would have enjoyed this article. Please share this article.

How to fix a cooling fan in a HP laptop?

This is usually the end result of screen filters in PCs, which are plugged through a dust bunny and integrated fan.

Take the lowest of the PCs out of the quilt and it stops spontaneously.
Get yourself a self of canned air and blow all the dirt dust and dirt out of the blower and out of the clear.
Now take dry Teflon lubricant spray and spray a shot on the cooling fan motor.

With the lowest pass eliminated beforehand flip the computer to see if the cooling fan rotates up and running successfully. If this is the case then your problem should be resolved.

If the cooling fan no longer spins, then you are definitely going to order a new cooling fan on eBay.

A great place to get them for which they are reasonably priced and that they can install and unplug multiple screws.Can be very smooth for a little connector.

How to connect cooling pad to laptop?

Those products are normally operated via USB, in my case my Zalman had a male-to-male USB-one cable that plugs into the PC with a cooling fan.
I cannot consider doing something different to each person; it would be very little work.

How to clean laptop fan with vacuum?

Your vacuum cleaner is not just for the messes in the corners of your private home. You can also use it to make your fan easier.

Extend the face and move it along the top and bottom of your fan blade. As soon as you turn on the cleaner, start brushing the blade.

How often to clean laptop fan?

It is important that you lubricate PC fanatics at least once a year to prevent overheating.
 If you do not need to threaten your enthusiasts to waste through disposing of them, use the compressed air method that we mentioned above to get rid of the dust every 6 months.

How to clean ASUS laptop fan?

Wipe and liquid with a smooth paper towel on the laptop and keyboard.
Operate the computer near the sink, and rotate it by 90 diplomas to pour the living fluid into the notebook.

Once again wipe the notebook and keyboard with a clean paper towel. Leave the pocketbook to dry for at least 24 hours.

What happens if you shake a can of compressed air?

According to 3m, which manufactures and sells compressed air canisters for dust elimination, shaking or tilting the can may additionally bring about propelled liquid instead of vapor.

If this takes place, the liquid might also come into contact with pores and skin or eyes, warns 3m, and motive frostbite because the chemical will freeze the skin.

How to clean laptop fan dell?

7 Steps to clean laptop fan dell
1. Unplug your laptop from any energy supply and region it upside-down, ideally 2. on an anti-static mat.
3. Do away with the lowest panel.
4. Take away the lowest panel of your laptop. …
5. Keep the fan in location.
6. Preserve the fan in place with your finger, so that it does no longer rotate.
7. Easy the fan with a material.

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