How to increase laptop battery while gaming (15 Tips)
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

How to increase laptop battery while gaming (15 Tips)

Laptop battery does not last long; you will find this problem with almost every laptop user.

And especially this problem is a big problem for gamers, that after playing the game for 1-2 hours, the battery of the laptop gets exhausted.

But can it be fixed?

The answer is yes, it can be corrected to some extent, and the life of the laptop can be increased to some extent.

Today we are going to talk about these 15 tips: how to increase laptop battery while gaming with simple steps.

Let me tell you in advance that the battery life can be increased to some extent with the tips; it is not that your battery will last for 10-20 hours.

So let’s start our today’s topic how to increase laptop battery while gaming, 15 simple steps.

How to increase laptop battery while gaming (15 Tips)

1. Always when play games connect with charging

So which is our first thing that whenever you are gaming or playing games on the laptop, always play with the laptop in charging, it has many benefits. Let me explain-

Its biggest advantage is that when you put your laptop in charging, then the components of the laptop get power directly from the charger.

Due to which the speed and performance of all the components increases, because the power of the light is more than the power of the battery.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming

One advantage of this is that your battery also keeps on charging, and when the battery is charged, the full power of the charger starts getting to the components of the laptop, which further increases the performance of the laptop.

Therefore, whenever you do gaming, put your laptop in charging, this will also increase the FPS of the laptop, and you can play the game smoothly.

Do not charge the laptop directly on seeing this point, after that read the point which is also carefully.

2.  Always use an original charger

If you want to extend the battery life of the laptop, then it is important that you charge it with the original charger only.

If you charge your laptop with a useless charger, it can damage your laptop and its battery as well.

Using a useless charger can cause damage and also can damage the charging system of your laptop.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

And if this damages the charging system of the laptop, then later even if you use the original charger, the laptop will not charge.

That’s why I highly recommend using only an original charger. Are you enjoying…

3.  Always use an original laptop battery

If your laptop battery is original, then its performance can be easily increased and it will not harm your laptop or any part of it.

But if you accidentally take a fake battery, then it can damage your laptop, and can also cause you thousands of losses.

I have often seen that people buy a local or fake battery for a low price, but if you invest a little more money and take an original battery, then it will give you a lot of back-ups.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

So whenever you think of getting a laptop battery, always buy an original laptop battery, it will be available in double the price of a fake battery but the performance will be many times more than that.

hp original battery
how to increase laptop battery full charge capacity

4. Use a cooling pad or vacuum cooler for your laptop

One of the reasons why laptop battery capacity is low is that the laptop gets very hot.

Due to the heating of the laptop, the laptop which is installed in it has to rotate faster to cool it and its load comes on the battery itself.

So that the battery has to give maximum energy to the fan and this also reduces the survival of the laptop’s battery, so always keep your laptop cool.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

A good way to keep a laptop cool is with a laptop cooling pad or vacuum cooler. Using any of these, you can cool down your laptop very easily. Best cooling pads 2021.

dell laptop cooling pad
how to increase battery life of gaming laptop

5. Reduce display brightness

Most of you will realize from these points that the better the brightness of the laptop, the more extra power it is going to eat.

The laptop’s show is an LCD show, so the higher the brightness, the better the battery speed.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

As a result, if possible, reduce the brightness of the laptop and work on it; this will also cause less damage to your eyes.

6. Try to disable Bluetooth, GPS and WIFI

If your laptop is running on battery power, and if you are doing something comparable in laptop then you can turn off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi etc.

For example, if you are watching a movie on a laptop, then what the use of Bluetooth and GPS is, you can turn them off if you want.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

If you need to, you can also turn on Plain Mode, this allows Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to be turned off automatically and you can manually turn them off one by one if you want.

But if your laptop is under charging then just flip the whole thing over and there is no problem.

7. Remove useless USB devices

One of the essential purposes to drain laptop battery fast is to use many unusable USB devices, which unnecessarily consume laptop battery.

Many people make this mistake if they are watching online movies inside the laptop and keep any useless USB tools like printer’s USB cable, USB cable for charging cell telephone.

Any part or thing of your laptop runs the most because of the battery, because it gets its power from the battery itself.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming

And even if you keep the non-operating additives alive, the battery will continue to power them and the battery will continue to drain.

So, do it best when a device is running, if you apply it, the survival of your laptop’s battery can increase by an extraordinary amount.

8. Turn off keyboard’s lights

When you have a laptop that has light fixtures, turn them off, it’s draining the LAPTOP’s battery.

And even if you leave these lighting fixtures on all day long, they may not be of any use, or there are many lighting fixtures now visible in the day.

Therefore, closing them in a clean language will reduce the consumption of your laptop, which will also increase its performance.

how to increase laptop battery while gaming
how to increase laptop battery while gaming

So those are some tips to keep your LAPTOP healthy and I think you have considered ‘How to keep my laptop battery healthy’.

If you follow these steps I assure that your laptop’s battery condition will improve.

9. Remove the DVD drive from your laptop

All laptops have a DVD pressure that you can insert a DVD or CD into. This way will undoubtedly protect the laptop battery life style.

Do you understand that even if you don’t put a CD in it, it continues to gamble, it keeps checking for a few seconds whether the CD is there or not?

how to increase my laptop battery life

Now it’s not always indoors, so it needs to be recognized whether there are DVDs and many others. Without checking.

So if CD or DVD is not working always then turn it off, it will also increase the battery life of your laptop.

10. Change Your Power Mode

Home Windows 10 has an overall performance energy slider that agency all settings that affect battery survival in 4 categories: Battery Saver, High Battery, High Overall Performance and Excellent Overall Performance.

How To Extend Battery Life On A Gaming Laptop
How To Extend Battery Life On A Gaming Laptop

Best Performance Mode

This mode gives you high responsiveness and performance at the cost of battery survival. This mode handles CPU and GPU intensive duties, including gaming and video enhancements, smoothly though very hard on the battery.

Better Performance

This mode gives a balance between performance and battery lifestyle. This mode gives you a slightly longer battery life than the satisfactory overall performance mode. Normally, this is the recommended placement mi by default.

Better Battery Mode

High Battery Mode prioritizes battery life over overall performance. You will enjoy an amazing drop in performance if you try gaming on this mode.

Battery saver mode

Battery Saver Mode squeezes as much day as possible out of your battery by completely disabling some Home Window features and throttling others. The brightness of the display also drops by 30%.

To trade your strength mode, click the battery icon on the taskbar and drag the slider to your preferred power mode.

11. Lower the volume or use headphones

Your gaming LAPTOP’s integrated speakers consume extra power when set to high volumes as extra voltage and mods are needed to supply noisy sound.

Additionally, larger audio systems typically consume more energy than smaller audio systems.

If you want to go running or gaming with track gambling in history, turning down the volume or muting the audio system will help boom battery life.

As an alternative, you can get a pair of headphones as they consume significantly less power than integrated audio systems.

how to increase battery life of gaming laptop
how to increase battery life of gaming laptop

This is comparable to the way you get extra battery existence out of your phone when you listen to tunes or audio books through earphones instead of using the cellphone’s real speakers.

12. Stop unnecessary apps and processes from running in the background

Often, there are many apps and programs running in the history that you are not aware of.

Unless you stop those apps and programs, they will slowly drain your battery and soon you will need to connect your LAPTOP to a strength supply.

Depending on how much power those applications consume, you’ll see a moderate or massive increase in your laptop’s battery life when you stop them.

how to increase battery life of gaming laptop

On Windows 10, you can find out which apps are affecting your battery life by typing “see which apps are affecting your battery lifestyle” in the Home windows search bar. Next, click on the Battery icon.

A list of apps and what kind of strength they eat will appear. Near all apps or all apps you’re not currently using ask the assignment supervisor to retain more energy.

Enterprise Manager can be accessed using the “ctrl+shift+esc” keyboard shortcut, or by right-clicking the home window taskbar and selecting “Enterprise Manager”.

Proper-click the modes you want to turn off and choose a stop assignment to extend your laptop’s battery lifestyle.

13. Switch from HDD to SSD

If your gaming laptop runs on HDD (Hard Disk Pressure), you can extend its battery life by replacing HDD with SSD (constant nation force).

HDDs eat extra power compared to SSDs, due to the fact that they have magnetic disks that need to be circulated through the motor between 5400rpm and 7400rpm to read and write the information.

SSDs work just like SD cards. But not like HDDs, they have no mechanical components and store facts on chips (flash memory) related to an included circuit.

In addition to increasing power performance, SSDs can make your laptop boot much faster and increase its responsiveness.

how to increase battery life of gaming laptop

Remember that SSDs cost a bit more than HDDs. Once you’ve swapped your hard power with the pressure of a solid nation, you shouldn’t have to throw away the HDD.

You can get an external hard drive enclosure and use it as an external force to back up your stuff.

14. Stop antivirus programs running in the background

Antivirus software including Bitdefender, Avast and Kaspersky help keep your laptop clean from viruses and other malware.

But, sometimes your antivirus software program can drain your battery if it runs continuous real-time scans within the history.

When your laptop isn’t plugged in via your antivirus software’s settings menu, disabling real-time scan can help improve battery survival.

how to increase my laptop battery life

In truth, if you are using home windows 10, you can disable your antivirus software program as it comes with its own personal integrated antivirus known as windows defender.

Windows Defender is adequate and provides almost the same amount of protection as other antivirus software.

Likewise, it does not include useless bloatware including registry cleaners, browser extensions, trackers and junkware that can increase power consumption.

15. Use your laptop on a hard, flat surface

LAPTOP hobbyists draw in air from a vent at the bottom to cool indoor additives, including the GPU and CPU.

By placing your laptop on a soft surface, including a cloth or mattress, you block these holes.

While this happens, the interior becomes very hot and enthusiasts are forced to spin faster and more regularly than they would normally try and make amends for the lack of air circulation.

When fanatics spin fast and more often than not your battery drains very fast.

how to increase my laptop battery life
how to increase my laptop battery life

Smooth surfaces make your laptop more prone to collecting dirt and other materials along with fabric strands (like vacuum purifiers) that limit air circulation inside the home.

If you use your LAPTOP in bed it’s miles to get a lap table.

Usually, by making sure that you consistently use your laptop on a flat hard floor, you are cleaning it to allow air to flow freely and as a result, the fan spins much less frequently and slowly.

This saves power and extends battery life. I think you have known the answer of your question ‘how to increase laptop battery while gaming’ and I hope you would have enjoyed that article also.


So today we have talked about how to increase laptop battery while gaming, and 15 tips to increase the life of laptop battery.

And I think you have understood these 15 awesome tips, If you apply these tips so I guaranteed your laptop’s battery will work properly.

My highly recommendation is always use an original charger and battery, Because they will not harm your laptop and it’s parts.

If you want to know more tips to improve your laptop battery so published more articles, you can read them by clicking here.

People also ask

Does gaming laptop battery drain so fast?

When you play the latest games and use the GPU hard, the battery will drain quickly. If you connect your computer to a power source, it only runs on this source, but it only uses a portion of what’s available, so it uses some of the extra power to charge your battery.

Does playing games damage laptop battery?

No. Nowadays every laptop has over charging protection, so it will not damage your battery. It is recommended to plug in your laptop when doing heavy tasks like playing high graphics games, editing videos etc.

Is 4 hours of battery life good for a laptop?

I haven’t found anything in the market yet that has a DGPU and can handle relatively fast workloads for more than 3-4 hours. So yes it is fine for me. A laptop that has a long battery life would be great, but I have to perform given that I rarely use a desktop.

At what percentage should I charge my laptop?

The best thing you can do is try to keep the battery level between 40 percent and 80 percent. Make sure your laptop doesn’t get too hot and that your cooling fan is working properly. Your laptop battery may not “overcharge” and may damage itself due to excessive charging.

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