6 Effective tips: How to keep my laptop battery healthy? (What you need to know)

how to keep my laptop battery healthy

how to keep my laptop battery healthy

Does your laptop battery drain very quickly and does not provide a good backup? So read this article, you will find answers to all your questions in this article.

Listen, if you have a laptop, then the most important part of it is its battery, because without a battery the laptop will not work.

That’s why it is important that you take care of the health of the laptop battery, if you take care of it, and then it can give you a long backup.

But, how to keep my laptop battery healthy and improve laptop battery health?

Today we are going to talk about how to keep my laptop battery healthy? And improve laptop battery health? And many questions.

And whatever I tell you in this, please do not apply it to any of your Smartphone.

So today’s article is going to be very important, I will try to explain you everything very well.

So let’s start our today’s topic how to keep my laptop battery healthy and long working.

How to keep my laptop battery healthy? (Improve laptop battery life with surprising tips: What You Need to Know)

1. Do high load works on charging

So our first point is that if you are doing any heavy load work in your laptop, and then first put your laptop with the charge. Let me explain-

Because when you do gaming, video editing or any high-pressure work in your laptop, then your laptop’s battery gets overloaded due to which the performance of its laptop decreases.

Therefore, whenever you do any high load work, first put the laptop in charging because when the laptop is charging, its components CPU and GPU etc. get power from the adapter.

With this, the battery of your laptop will also be charged and your laptop will continue to get power from the adapter.

And when the battery of your laptop is fully charged, the adapter will automatically give its full power to the laptop components such as CPU, GPU etc.

And as I have already told you that do not apply these things in your Smartphone.

Because when the Smartphone is charging, the entire load of the mobile is on the battery itself, which causes a double load on it.

The first is the load of charging and the second is the load of powering the mobile, due to which it starts heating, but this does not happen in the laptop.

If these steps don’t work then I already published an article where I talke about how to increase laptop battery lifespan and how to increase laptop battery capacity, with explaination, So if you really want to improve your laptop’s battery health, you can check out that link…

2. Don’t drain the laptop’s battery to 0%

The reason for the laptop battery not running much can also be that it is completely drained.

Many people, who are not well aware of the laptop, often make the mistake that they completely suck the battery of their laptop.

But you do not have to do this, do not allow your laptop battery to drain completely, always keep it above 25%-30% and keep it below 80%-85%, this is the best way to use laptop battery properly.

If you do charge it to 100%, DON’T LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN

This is the best charging level to charge a laptop, you do not have to drain the battery of your laptop or charge it completely.

If you apply this tip or whatever you say, then your battery backup and performance can increase to a great extent.

Even lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be regularly discharged, with most modern-day batteries being called “slick batteries,” meaning they can notify you until your battery dies.

How much time have you got (eG “2 hours, 15 minutes last”).

This selection may be incorrect after several shallow discharges.

Therefore, manufacturers recommend fully discharging your battery once a month to make sure it remains accurate.

If your laptop’s battery drainned very quickly, so try this way because this is the best way improve laptop battery health and also the best way to use laptop battery.

3. Remove the extra keyboard, mouse and other things

If you use a keyboard or mouse separately in your laptop, then it also puts more loads on your laptop battery and it ends quickly.

Your laptop already has a mouse and keyboard, so if you are working on your laptop in such a way that there is no need of an extra mouse or keyboard, then leave it out.

This will also increase the backup time of your laptop battery and it will last a little longer.

And if there have plugged any useless things in the laptop like a pen drive which is of no use then remove them.

4. Remove the DVD drive

All laptops have a DVD drive into which you can insert DVDs or CDs. That way will definitely protect laptop battery life.

Do you know that even if you don’t put any CD in it, it keeps playing, it keeps checking for a few seconds whether there is a CD or a drive?

Now this is not an interior, so it should be known whether there is a DVD etc. without checking it.

So if the CD or DVD is not working then remove it, this will also increase the battery life of your laptop.

5. Turn off keyboard’s lights

If you have a laptop that has lights, then turn them off, it is draining the battery of the laptop.

And if you keep these lights on even during the day, then there will be no benefit to them, or now some of the lights are seen in the day.

So, shutting them down in easy language will reduce the consumption of your laptop, which will also increase its performance.

So these are some tips to keep your laptop healthy and I think that you have known that ‘how to keep my laptop battery healthy’.

If you follow these steps so I guaranteed that your laptop’s battery health will improve.

6. Remove useless USB devices

One of the major reasons for the rapid draining of laptop battery is the use of many unusable USB devices, which unnecessarily consumes the battery of the laptop.

Many people make this mistake, if they are watching a movie online in the laptop and keep any useless USB device like USB cable of printer, USB cable for charging mobile phone.

Any part or component in your laptop runs only because of the battery, because it gets its power from the battery itself.

And if you keep the non-working components active too, then the battery will continue to give them power and the battery will keep getting low.

Therefore, when a device is working, only do it, if you apply it, then the battery life of your laptop can increase to a great extent.

So, these are 6 steps Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer and I think you know well how to keep my laptop battery healthy and preserve.

Another reason for the reduced battery life of a laptop can be that your battery heats up. That’s why it is very important to keep it cool, for which you can use a cooling pad. If you really want to buy a best cooling pad for your laptop, So I already published an article about of cooling pads, you can read that article.

Laptop battery charging tips to make your laptop battery last longer

5 Laptop battery charging tips

  • Do not discharge below 30%
  • Always keep below 80%
  • Do not charge for more than 2-3 hours
  • Always use an original charger
  • Always use an original battery


So today we talked about how to keep my laptop battery healthy and how to maintain my laptop battery. I tried to explain everything well and think you have understood.

If you actully follow these laptop battery improving stpes and charging steps, your battery will wrok last longer.

And for keep your laptop cool you should definitely use a cooling pad, by clicking here you can choose a best cooling pad.

I hope you would have enjoyed that article, If you want more laptop battery improving tips click here and read.

People also ask

Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

However, laptops are only as good as their batteries, and proper care of your battery is essential to ensure that it retains a long life and charge. Keeping your laptop plugged in constantly isn’t bad for your battery, but you have to be mindful of other factors like heat to prevent damage to your battery.

At what percentage should I charge my laptop?

To squeeze the most life out of your lithium-polymer battery, once your laptop hits 100 percent, unplug it. In fact, you should unplug it before that. Isidore Buchman, CEO of Cadex Electronics, told Wired that ideally everyone would charge their batteries to 80 percent and then drain them to about 40 percent.

What is the proper way to charge a laptop?

All laptops come with a power cable. To recharge the laptop, connect the power cable to the main power wall socket and the other end to the laptop’s power plug. You can continue to use your laptop while the battery is charged.

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