How to protect eyes from laptop screen? (Simple steps)
How to protect eyes from laptop screen

How to protect eyes from laptop screen? (Simple steps)

The eye is the most important part of our body, and we should take good care of it.

Nowadays most of the work is done on computers, laptops and phones, due to which we have to spend more and more time looking at the screen of the laptop and computer.

At the time of lockdown, almost everyone sits online and works online.

Due to which our eyes suffer a lot of damage. The harmful blur light emanating from the laptop and compactor reduces the ability of our eyes.

Due to this, we have to face many diseases. Therefore it is very important to avoid your eyes from computer or laptop.

So today we are going to talk about how to protect eyes from laptop screen.

In this article, people are going to tell very simple steps to protect their eyes from the laptop screen.

So let’s starts are today’s topic How to protect eyes from laptop screen (Simple steps).

Does the screen spoil your eyesight?

Nowadays most people work online, due to which they have to look at the laptop or Smartphone screen for a long time.

Which causes trouble in their eyes? But does this problem happen to all people?

According to a study, about 50% of computer users have this problem. And this is not a long-lasting problem.

But does the laptop screen damage your eyesight?

By the way, there is no evidence that the screen of a laptop or computer deteriorates the light of your eyes.

But due to many problems, it can cause many problems.

According to an American study, the common symptoms of eye strain are headache, blurred vision, dry eyes and in extreme cases neck and shoulder pain.

When you are stressed, they tell the rest of your body that something is wrong.

When you use a computer or laptop screen for a long time, you have to blink your eyelid again and again.

It tells if you have any problem with the screen of the laptop or not.

Laptop Eye Strain Symptoms

The American Optometric Association considers that the most common symptoms of eye strain are headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and, in extreme cases, neck and shoulder pain.

When your eyes are tense, they tell the rest of your body that something is wrong.

Dry eyes are caused by the fact that we subconsciously stop blinking eyelids while reading the screen, and other pain reactions are caused by the body indicating that something is wrong.

When you use the computer all day for work, these symptoms will occur after using the screen for a long time.

Let’s look at How to protect eyes from laptop screen.

Important Notice

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How to protect eyes from laptop screen? (Simple steps)

1. The 20/20/20 Rule

Your eyeball is not designed to look straight for a long time. With the 20/20/20 rule, you give your eyes a break for some time.

If you look at the screen of the laptop for 20 minutes, then you have to look at something 20 feet apart from you for 20 seconds.

With 20/20/20 rule you can relax your eyes, so that there will be no tension in them and you can work longer.

2. Make sure your room is well lit

Your room light protects you from the laptop screen. How would it be coming to your mind?

So the light around you reduces the effect of the blue light emanating from the laptop.

In this rule you should use low voltage bulbs in your room. And see that the light of the bulb is about half of the light of the screen.

3. Get your eyes checked regularly

Regular eye examinations make you aware of the health of your eyes. You can also show your eyes to a doctor if there is something wrong with the examination.

4. Reduce glare

Dazzling on your computer screen can cause eye strain as it prevents your eyes from adjusting as easily as they should consider trying to focus.

Where possible, use an anti-glare mat screen (instead of a glass-covered LCD). If a glasses wearer is involved, make sure that your lens has an anti-reflective coating.

5. Use high-resolution screen

Most people now have to use CRT screens. These are old computer screens with low refresh rates, which produce noticeable flickers that make your eyes feel uncomfortable.

The screens in general offer refresh rates of 75Hz or more. The higher the better. In addition, high-resolution screens look more lifelike.

When you look at pixels, your eyes have worked hard to understand the images in front of you.

6. Reduce Blue Light

Blue light has a shorter wave-length and is known to damage the eye.

Reduce blue light or lower the color temperature of your screen using specialist glasses. It is ideal for long term use.

So I think from these ways, you have known that how to protect eyes from laptop screen.

Mobile Phone Eye Strain Symptoms

Eye strain from the symptoms of the phone is very similar to the symptoms of computer eye strain.

Eye strain of mobile phones can cause dryness and irritation in the eyes, painful throbbing headaches around the eyes and even blurred vision.

However, we use our phones differently for computers. With computers, we can spend hours looking at the screen.

We use smart phones for short periods of time throughout the day which can use a total number of hours.

 It is better for the eyes, but if you are feeling stressed while using the device, it may mean that these symptoms persist with you throughout the day.

You do not realize that they are the eyes of the mobile phone. Are the results of stress?

Let’s take a look how to do eye protection from phone screen.

How to protect eyes from mobile screen

1. Adjust the screen settings

It’s easy to forget that your screen can be customized, because it looks completely different! However, everyone’s eyes are different, and all smart phones allow you to change contrast, brightness, and text settings.

Reduce brightness when you’re in your home, or turn on the automatic brightness setting to adjust your phone based on your surroundings.

Increase text size to make text messages even easier to read!

2. Keep a sensible distance

You should be able to see everything on your phone’s screen from a distance of 16 to 18 inches.

Don’t keep your phone too close, but if you find yourself getting close to the phone, remember to zoom in on your screen.

3. Use Night Mode

Modern Android and Apple smart phones offer night mode features that make it easier to automatically reduce the strain on your eyes at night.

Turn on the feature, and your phone will automatically adjust screen settings based on the time of day.

4. Don’t forget to blink!

It may sound silly, but it is easy to forget to blink an eyelid when we are using smart phones and tablets.

Subconsciously, we become so targeted at content that we only see equipment.

Every time we blink the eyelids, we keep our eyes moist and focus on our eyes. Do this frequently to avoid stress and dryness.

5. Use anti-reflective screen protectors

Smartphone screens are bright, but matte screen protectors give you an old screen LCD finish.

They protect your screen and they reduce glare from ambient light or sunlight. They are cheap too!

6. Use Artificial Tears

For all types of eye strain, whether it is due to computers or mobile devices, artificial tears can be an effective tool to keep the eyes comfortably lubricated.

There are several types of lubricating eye drops on the market – both with and without preservatives – that can be purchased over the counter.

You may have to make several attempts before finding the one that suits you best.

Some useful tips for eye protection

  • Wear computer glasses or blue light glasses
  • Expose yourself to natural daylight
  • Take frequent breaks from viewing the device
  • Wear sunglasses during the day
  • Avoid using digital devices just before bedtime
  • Protect your eyes from extra artificial blue light with the best computer glasses

How to protect eyes from computer screen using glasses

Through PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses, we can protect our eyes from computer screen.

Prospect computer glasses use a patented, multi-layer coating layout to reduce glare, remove the mirror blue mild from the lens and relieve long-term eye strain as a result of excessive electronic equipment use. It provides special coating:

  • Anti-UV
  • Anti-fog
  • Low dazzle
  • Lack of blue mild

Whether you are looking for computer glasses for the office or a night-time Netflix binge, Prospect Eyeglasses will give you top-rate protection in your eyes.

Prospect Blue Mild Glass Two types of lenses are available – 50% Blue Mild Blocking or 99% Blue Mild Blocking. This is a choice count.

Best eye protector for laptop screen

Cyxus Blue Light Glasses for Women/Men, Lightweight Computer Gaming Eyeglasses, Relieve Digital Headache Eye Strain

Cyxus Blue Light Glasses for Women/Men

How to protect eyes from laptop screen




Eyeglass Lens owns the American HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology. It can absorb high-energy harmful blue light.

The lens was made of a completely transparent base, while maintaining high light transmittance, without adding any pigment. Low reflectivity, no effect reading, and almost no color difference.

Anti-Blu-ray lenses use specialized US substrate processing technology to protect the eye from ultraviolet radiation and block UV400.

An ultra-lightweight and flexible frame makes you pressure-free when you wear it. It will not squeeze your head and give you a more comfortable fit.

Since our eyeglass frames feature flexibility, you do not have to worry about breaking when you bend your temples.

According it features this is the best eye protector for laptop screen and it can protect your eyes from laptop screen.

If you want to know how to protect eyes from mobile screen, so you can try this glass it is also one of the best glasses to protect eyes from mobile screen.

We can see that one part of the test area shines directly with blue light, has become blue, and the other part shaded by the Cyxus glasses has not turned blue.

So i can try to take all of answer about how to protect eyes from laptop screen and hope you enjoyed this article.


So, today we talked about how to protect eyes from laptop screen, and I try to give you simple steps.

If you follow these steps, I guaranteed that you can solve your eye strain problem.

If you want to use glasses to solve this problem so this way also works, you can definitely use it.

In this post I suggest you one of the best glasses to protect eyes from laptop screen, you should try it and see results.

People also ask

Does laptop screen guard Protect eyes?

Please be aware: the privacy display is not an anti-glare display. Privacy displays no longer feature anti-glare or the era of eye protection.

This display is called ALC (Superior Mild Manipulated Display Screen), which prevents blue light from emitting from the computer and protects your eyes from the problem of dry eyes, an untold epidemic.

Which is more harmful for eyes mobile or laptop?

The laptop will have a wider display screen probe for (relatively) smartphones that are much less dangerous to the eye, but the cell has a much less comprehensive display that puts more pressure on your eyes. Radiation emission clever, its same effect for each.

How can I protect my kids eye from laptop?

Simple steps to protect kids eye from laptop
1. Check in with them. …
2. Go big …
3. Install them appropriately. …
4. Restrictions Display Usage. …
5. Take a break. …
6. Get out.

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